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Specialists in private mortgage loans

Our mission is to accompany you in the restructuration of your temporarily unfavorable situation. This will help you fit in quickly within the criteria of a Canadian financial institution for a low-interest rate on your loan.


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500 million provided in private mortgage loans

We have cumulated for more than 500 Million of disbursed loans, which shows that we are in the capacity to help you solve your problems and bring back to normal your current situation as well.

Do you have one of the following situations?

  • Credit problematics
  • Bankruptcy/Consumer proposal
  • Late payments
  • Loss of income
  • Debt consolidation

Why choose us to help you?

We are private mortgage lenders centered on coaching our clients until full recovery of their credit.
We offer solutions that are simple and quick to execute (same day results)
Our products and solutions are flexible and thus adaptable to any type of situation.
David communicated with me the day that the bailiff knocked on my door. Simon came by the house the next morning to explain the strategy we were going to apply to my situation. In a week, everything was settled.
— Christian

Simple and effective

Criteria for financing


The amount of our financing must be between 10 000 $ and 5 000 000 $.

Regions Served

We offer our financing services everywhere across the province of Québec.

Property Value

We finance up to 80% of the market value of your property.

Type of Property

All types of property are accepted, although some conditions may apply.

Length of the loan

The length of the loan can go up to 60 months.

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Please leave us your personal information and we will contact you as soon as possible. For a quicker response, please call us directly at the 1‑800‑681‑2043.

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