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Debt Consolidation

Do you feel trapped in your monthly payments?

It is very much time to act and to consolidate your debts before your situation worsens. Thankfully, we are here to help.

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Logo-Office de la protection du consommateur - Quebec

Our advantages

  • Solutions based on your credits repair
  • Considerable reductions in monthly payments
  • Very competitive interest rates
  • Personalized and adaptable service
  • Increase in your credit score in only a couple of months
  • Our private mortgage loans are very competitive and quick.
  • Active coaching and follow-ups every 3 months
  • Refinancing within financial institutions once the credit is restored
Following my divorce, I accumulated a lot of debt. I had trouble doing all my payments on time and my credit was severely affected by it. I met Simon and we were able to consolidate all my debts to help me rediscover my financial well-being as well as personal well-being. Everything without declaring bankruptcy and without having to go through a consumer proposal!
— Maxime

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