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Specialists in alternative mortgage loans

As mortgage brokers, our specialists in financing are in full capacity to help with Lauréat Finance to lead you quickly back on the road of traditional financial institutions.

Our objective is simple

To allow our clients to rediscover their financial health and to let go of all the inconveniences of their temporary undesirable situation.

David McKinnon

Mortgage Broker

For already 10 years, M. McKinnon works in the mortgage loan industry with the title of a specialist in credit repair. His strength is to correctly qualify his clients to be able to beneficiate of the best short-term, medium-term, and long-term solutions. Accumulating a lot of experience with private lenders with more than 500 million in residential private mortgage loans that have been notarized, he knows how to stand out as co-president of Lauréat Finance to obtain the best solutions possible in the quickest delays for his clientele.

Simon Nelson

Mortgage Broker

Passionate about alternative mortgage financing for several years now, M. Nelson is responsible for the establishment of strategic partnerships with financial institutions to be able to help his clients get back to them as soon as possible, to benefit from better financing conditions. Accumulating more than 300 million in residential private mortgage loans, he joins forces with his business partner to offer his clientele the best solution for them. Being on the road the majority of the time makes is so he can meet every client to explain clearly the adapted products and strategies proposed in every situation.

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