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It is important to act as soon as you receive the 60-day notice to avoid paying supplementary fees with your lender. Our role is to guide you and coach you to re-establish the situation you’re into for you to keep your property at a lower cost. We shall guide you towards the best situation for you.

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Logo-Office de la protection du consommateur - Quebec
Logo-Office de la protection du consommateur - Quebec

The solutions offered

Remediate all your payment default and get you to go back to your traditional financial institution.
In the case being that the mortgage lender recalls the complete mortgage, we can fully refinance your property and help you fit in traditional financial institutions criteria rapidly.
Lastly, we can also find financing if you chose to sell your property. We will help you in the selling process until you receive the equity available.
Following several late payments, my bank did not want to renew my mortgage. Here, I got a private mortgage at a 7.99% interest rate for 12 months and after that, they helped me find a loan within a traditional financial institution with a very competitive interest rate!
— Chantale

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